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Teaching Tolerance



Teaching Tolerance - Diversity, Equity and Justice

Welcome to the Teaching Tolerance blog, a place where educators who care about diversity, equity and justice can find news, suggestions, conversation and support.


Teaching for Change - Building social justice starting in ...

Teaching for Change provides teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to read, write and change the world.


LAUSD Office of Human Relations Diversity & Equity

The Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity is committed to fostering a safe and respectful District, school and community culture where the seeds of peace and justice are sown so that all students and staff can lead safe, purposeful and academically fruitful lives.


Books on Diversity
The demand for vibrant, thoughtful children’s books that celebrate the multicultural society we live in has never been greater. What better way to help children ...
From Unit Plan: Celebrate Your Heritage There are so many paths to follow when you're choosing resources for a unit on cultural diversity. Because I focus on teaching ...
These books help kids understand that even though people look different on the outside, we’re all the same on the inside.
It's vital that we as parents and humane educators begin exploring issues of race in age-appropriate ways starting from an early age. One strategy for doing so is ...