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School Policy

Policies and Procedures


TARDIES — Prompt attendance at school is a requisite for good citizenship, responsibility, and academic achievement. A child who is tardy must report directly to the office to check in and receive a tardy slip before being admitted to class. Tardy students will be expected to walk themselves to class WITHOUT a parent/guardian escort.

ABSENCES — All persons between the ages of 6 and 16 years of age are required by law to attend school regularly. If your child is absent from school, be sure to call the office to inform them of the reason and length of absence then send a written note upon your child's return. In some instances the school may require a note from a physician.  Sample note for absence:

My child, (include first and last name), was absent from school on xx/xx/xxxx because s/he had a fever. (Please state reason instead of simply writing that the child was sick.) 

HOMEWORK REQUESTS FOR ABSENT PUPILS — Following an illness, the student will have plenty of time to make-up any missed classwork and/or homework assignments. Upon their return, the teacher will provide the missed assignments. There is no need to pick up homework assignments on the day your child is absent. 

CLASS VISITS — This is your neighborhood school--you are always welcomed! Please adhere to our school's visitor policy. At least the first two weeks of a semester are needed by both the children and teachers to become acquainted, to develop routines, procedures, etc. Do give your child's teacher time to know your child--his/her strengths, his/her weaknesses. Become acquainted with the school, the teacher and the programs. Just come to the office first and get a Visitor's pass. Plan to stay about 20 minutes. This gives you time to see how your children are working without adding stress to the children and teacher. Classroom instruction is not to be interrupted by engaging in conversation or discussion with the teacher and/or students. We do ask that only adults visit the classrooms.

CONFERENCES — Teachers are usually available for conferences after 2:34 p.m. daily. An appointment should be made since often staff meetings, chairmanship responsibilities or teachers' workshops are previously scheduled. School policy requires that no one go to a classroom to confer with a teacher during school hours.

LOCKED CAMPUS DURING CLASS HOURS — Pursuant to District Policy to provide as safe a campus as possible, ail gates will be locked at 8:11 a.m. and reopened at 2:34 p.m. All visitors must sign-in at the office before entering the campus.

There are to be no parent-teacher conferences held during the instructional day. Parents can conference with teachers before or after school. Parents who wish to observe in their child's classroom during the school day are to check in at the Main Office. Visitations are limited to twenty minutes.

DRESS CODE — Standards for student appearance will be based on hygiene, safety, and appropriateness. Students will be expected to keep themselves clean, well-groomed and neatly dressed at all times. Any form of dress or hairstyle which is considered contrary to good hygiene, is unsafe or which is distracting or disruptive, and therefore detrimental to the purpose of the school will not be permitted.
If a child comes to school inappropriately dressed, parents will be asked to bring a change of clothing.

  • Shoes, clothing and jewelry must be appropriate for running and physical activity.
  • Shoes must be closed toe and heel with rubber soles.
  • No graphic T-shirts with disrespectful slogans, obscene or questionable printing, and/or advertising alcoholic beverages.
  • No hats are to be worn in the building. Hats worn outside the building must have the bill of the hat facing forward at all times.
  • Clothing characteristic of gang attire is prohibited.
  • It is recommended that shorts be worn under shorts and/or dresses.
  • Clothing must completely cover undergarments, shoulders and midriffs.
  • No make-up is to be worn during school hours.